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KJ’s Fantasy QB Curse

August 21, 2007

Much is made about the Sports Illustrated cover jinx, the Campbell’s Chunky soup coincidence, and most often the Madden Curse. It is true that every year since EA Sports has produced their game with an NFL player on the cover (Prior to that, they always put Hall of Fame Coach and NFL commentator John Madden […]

Real Men of Genius: David Wells

August 17, 2007

There comes a point in the lives of most men when they realize they are not going to play professional ball. After reaching this milestone, usually these guys pick up their softball gloves, put on their favorite teams hat and go play in their local beer league. Others may try the world of virtual reality, […]

NFL All Embarassment Team

August 14, 2007

This is dedicated to new commisioner Roger Goddell and his new policy of player conduct. So here is the team of the best NFL players who have been or are in trouble with the law or the League. Offense QB: Michael Vick (Dog Fight Kingpin): Vick’s ability to play quarterback not in question, most assuredly […]

Rick Ankiel is Roy Hobbs

August 13, 2007

Now compare that to Roy Hobbs… This is an caveat on Al’s post about Rick Ankiel saving this summer in sports. Also, this serves as a way for me to plug one of my favorite movies. If Bernard Malamoud were to write The Natural today, it might very well be about Ankiel. Ankiel along with […]

Don’t Worry What Ever Your Name Is?

August 9, 2007

(Barry Bonds Being an Asshole after he his record breaking home run) Often times in sports, the greatest moments involve the game’s biggest stars shining to their potential. In these moments, there sometimes has to be that other guy who is remembered, forĀ  their entire lives, for less than good reasons. This is especially so […]

Tiger: Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire

August 6, 2007

What is the bigger accolade for Tiger Woods on Sunday August 5th, 2007? Was it being crowned ESPN’s Who’s Now champion, or was it winning his 6th championship at the Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone Country Club. The Who’s Now segment was dumb, even though I saw every episode and they should have just crowned el […]

Barry Bonds and His Legacy

August 6, 2007

I remember watching from a hotel room in 2001, Barry Bonds record breaking season, seeing the Giant outfielder club two home runs against his biggest rival the Los Angeles Dodgers. That day in early October (the baseball season was delayed that year because of the 9/11 attacks) as I was laying on the couch attempting […]

Thoughts on Tim Donaghy and the NBA

July 24, 2007

Refereeing in the NBA has been a problem for a long time. The impression was though that this was at least somewhat league sponsored by David Stern and his merry men. Either through complicit impression or just failure to crackdown on bad calls. This is because the seats are filled due to fans who want […]

It Should Have Been Griffey

July 19, 2007

Growing up, I remember staying at my Grandma’s house and looking for my Uncle’s old baseball cards. One day, through my travels, I found a little publication called the The Home Run Book published by one of the baseball card companies. The book profiled the top home run hitters in baseball history. Having devoured it […]

The British Open: One Bitch of a Course

July 17, 2007

This year’s United States Open Golf Championship was played at one of the most difficult golf courses in the World. Oakmont Country Club held its record eighth Open in its many years. The star of the weekend was the course and its difficulty. It is not often that a major champion is crowned at five […]