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Real Men of Genius: David Wells

August 17, 2007

There comes a point in the lives of most men when they realize they are not going to play professional ball. After reaching this milestone, usually these guys pick up their softball gloves, put on their favorite teams hat and go play in their local beer league. Others may try the world of virtual reality, […]

Al’s College Football Predictions

August 15, 2007

You can’t post college football predictions without having opposing viewpoints, so here goes. Big East Champion- West Virginia They get the edge over Louisville based on the fact that Louisville will play in West Virginia this year and that Louisville has to travel to NC State and also has to face Andre Woodson and a […]

NFL All Embarassment Team

August 14, 2007

This is dedicated to new commisioner Roger Goddell and his new policy of player conduct. So here is the team of the best NFL players who have been or are in trouble with the law or the League. Offense QB: Michael Vick (Dog Fight Kingpin): Vick’s ability to play quarterback not in question, most assuredly […]

Boston: City of Champions

August 12, 2007

Yes, this is extremely premature. In fact, it’s the Boston sports fans who are most aware of this fact. However, when your town is home to David Ortiz, Tom Brady, Kevin Garnett, Manny Ramirez, Paul Pierce, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Randy Moss, Ray Allen, Adalius Thomas, Curt Schilling, Bill Belichick, Josh Beckett, Asante Samuel, Jonathan Papelbon, Eric […]

Rick Ankiel Saves the Summer

August 11, 2007

It’s been a Bananarama-esque cruel summer. There’s the horrible Vick dogfighting scandal. (this was actually only “bitter sweet” for me. Granted I love dogs, but any headline that includes the words “Michael Vick” and “Federal Indictment” seems like good clean fun to me.) There was the disturbing Donaghy scandal, which destroyed the semblance of respect […]

Al Attempts to Watch WNBA Game

July 17, 2007

This “league” is an utter fucking joke. Seriously. The nicest way for me to put it is that the WNBA sucks big floppy donkey dick. I’ve had diarrhea more entertaining than your average WNBA game. For those of you lucky enough to have never seen 40 minutes of mostly ugly women fighting for loose balls […]

Do the Right Thing, Roger.

July 17, 2007

With the recent suspensions of Tank Johnson, Chris Henry and Pacman Jones, new NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has flexed his proverbial muscles. Now, star quarterback (and I use the term quarterback loosely) has been indicted by a federal jury, a more serious legal issue than anything that has happened to the aforementioned trio. Let’s get […]

Kason Gabbard and the Sox New Farm

July 16, 2007

The Sox got their 3rd complete game of the season tonight from the least likely of sources. (Okay, I take that back. Julian Tavarez is still the least likely of sources. Can’t wait to see him back in the pen.) Kason Gabbard went the distance tonight, posting a filthy 9 IP 3 H 0 ER […]

NFL All-Underrated Team

July 8, 2007

The term “underrated” is thrown around way too often in sports, particularly the NFL. In some cases (see: Hines Ward) players have been labeled underrated so often that they’ve become overrated. Regardless, with the NFL season still months away I need to write something about the league, so here you have it- The NFL All-Underrated […]

Al Wins “Arguement” with Yankee Fan

July 4, 2007

I figured my first post should give you a general idea of who I am, so here goes. Last summer, during the heat of a tight AL East race that the Sox would eventually lose, I was in Disney World with my friend Mr.Ed when this dude in a Yankees hat approached me in the […]