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Real Men of Genius: David Wells

There comes a point in the lives of most men when they realize they are not going to play professional ball. After reaching this milestone, usually these guys pick up their softball gloves, put on their favorite teams hat and go play in their local beer league. Others may try the world of virtual reality, hook up the XBox 360 and drop in the new Madden. Others will just watch non-stop sports coverage on ESPN and their local sports pandemonia. Some may take it a step further, actually calling into radio shows and let their usually pointless point of view out. As for me, I thank Allah for Fantasy Sports and Politics, and even though I am still young, I have given up my dreams of playing ball.

Because of this, Fans tend to cling to athletes that live, look, and generally are like them. It is easy to support guys like John Daly, Boog Powell, and David Wells. The common factors between these guys is that they all are overweight, average looking, and talented. It is a simple equation, Daly can hit a golf ball a country mile, Powell caould hit a baseball really far, and David Wells can pitch. Pitch is the key word. Wells does not have the power to flame it pass major league batters, he does not have a specific nasty breaking pitches. The lefty can simply just pitch. This is a common trend for hurlers of this era. There are plenty of Glavines, Madduxes, and Moyers out there these days but Wells possesses something special.

Look at him, he is listed at 6’4″, 225 pounds. How did this guy avoid sitting on his couch watching college football on saturday, yelling at the screen. Let the numbers do the talking. Boomer posted 235 wins in his illustrious career along with a .601 winning percentage. This could be because he has generally been on good teams, so those statistics are inflated. When we put the ERA in the mix it appears as if that is the case. A career ERA of 4.12 leaves much to be desired and does give credence to inflated win numbers. This does not tell the entire story though. His less traditional numbers paint the best picture for the hefty lefty. A more than stellar 1.265 WHIP along with a solid K/9 and K/BB.

Is he a hall of fame pitcher? Of course he is not, but he deserves much respect for what he has been able to do with his limited abilities. His career is more than admirable. He may be too outspoken, but he always has been a stand up guy. Boomer achieved many goals and received many accolades. Tossing a perfect game is no easy feat and add to the fact that the lefty was still inebriated from the previous night. Being chosen to start two all star games also shows the great respect managers have for Wells. This, to go along with a few rings and excellent pitching performances in the post season. So, this one is for you, a real man of genius, Mr. overweight, drunk, pitcher guy.

For a more human side of Wells, Al would like to add his thoughts in seeing the big guy in person in the comment section.


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