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That Time of the Year

It’s finally College Football time! Everyone has been talking about how the SEC is the shit. Well, if you are sick of hearing Lee Corso and Terry Bowden talk about the SEC, like me, read this post.

My Preseason Top Five:

1. University of Southern California: Although I hate the University of Spoiled Children, Pete Carrol has his boys at the top of their game this year. His “Hollywood, Let’s Be Friends” attitude with his recruits and players is working. Some how he can keep his players disciplined and their respect for him, while still having fun at practices and being “friends”, not Coach and players. With John David Booty, what a name, at the helm, USC will do very well in the Pac-10. The only threats on USC’s schedule are the October 20th game at Notre Dame, the November 10th at Cal, and the last game of the season at home against UCLA Bruins. USC will lose one of these three games and go 12-1 in the regular season.

2. West Virginia: Steve Slaton and Pat White have a connection. With 15 returining starters, the team is ready to roll over the Big East and contend for the National Championship. The Mountaineers will also go 12-1, and lose either the first game of the season to the Western Michigan Broncos or the November 8th home game against Louisville, the only team that actually plays football in the Big East other than WVU and Rutgers (but Rutgers is the State University of NEW Jersey…) Sorry, Mark May but your beloved Pitt and the rest of the Big East plays football as good as 14 year old girls in a Powder Puff Game.

Barry Alvarez

3. Wisconsin: Yea, I said it, WISCONSIN. Ever since Barry Alvarez took over as A.D., the Badgers’ sports teams have been unstoppable. Wisconsin will crush Michigan this year. However, the Badgers will lose November 3 to THE Ohio State University, at the Horseshoe. This will make the Badgers very upset, and they will roll into Ann Arbor the next week and make Mario Mannigham and Chad Henne cry like little girls. Wisconsin wins the Big Ten this year.

4. Florida: Tim Tebow will lead the Gators to victory over the SEC. Like I said, everyone else talks about the SEC, so I won’t waste my time on it. Except for this, the South Eastern Conference is OVERRATED.

5. Texas: If a Texas team has a standout quarterback with the name Colt, they must be good. Colt McCoy, the freshman who made everyone forget about Vince Young, will lead the Longhorns to supremacy in the Big 12.

Honorable Mention: Virginia Tech, Michigan and LSU.

My Sleeper Team:

This year’s Boise State will be…

Colt Brennan

Hawaii Warriors: Led by Colt Brennan, the (Rainbow) Warriors will win the WAC, upsetting Boise State, the team that is now cursed by the NCAA 08 cover. Brennan will lead Hawaii to a BCS bowl game this season.


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