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2007-08: Steeler’s Decline, Penguins Thrive

Common to most cities, in Pittsburgh, the NFL team’s fan base crushes that of the NHL’s local team. I have no problem with this imbalance; however, this is a call to all “yinz” Stillers fans to follow the Penguins for at least the next season.

Let’s face it, without Jerome Bettis, Bill Cowher, Joey Porter, Jeff Hartings and Ken Wisenhunt, the Steelers are not going to be the same as usual. Mike Tomlin has started a new era in the franchise’s history. I’m not saying the Steelers are going to tank this season, but pay attention to the best team in the burgh: The Penguins.

The Penguins finished with 105 points last season, second highest finish in team history. The 2007-08 pens will be an even better team than the 2006-07 penguins. They may not finish with more points in the regular season, due to the fact that the Atlantic Division will be the toughest division in all of the NHL next season. However, with the addition of Petr Sykora, Darryl Sydor, the Pens are Stanley Cup contenders. They will be even more exciting to watch this year.

Ray Shero and Michel Therrien are now amiable towards each other. Both decided to send the Pens back to Boot Camp this year. The Penguins will spend a week this summer before the season starts, at West Point for conditioning and team building. Last year, this training regiment with the Army worked extremely well. The Pens became more disciplined, better trained and even had fun at boot camp. This year’s return will be as successful as last years.

Petr Sykora

Petr Sykora will be wearing number 17 for the Pens. He played for the Edmonton Oilers last season and had 22 goals and 31 assists in 82 games. He is a left-handed right winger. He was drafted 18th overall by the New Jersey Devils in 1995. Sykora is the best Czech player the Penguins have had since Jaromir Jagoff left in 2001.
Petr Sykora’s Profile:

Darryl Sydor is the veteran Defenseman the Penguins were missing on the blue line last season. He is another first round draft pick, 7th overall by the LA Kings in 1990. He will solidify the Pens blue line; he has a career plus minus rating of Plus 23. Sydor brings playoff experience to the Penguins which will help the team in the 2007-08 season.

Sydor’s Profile:

Darryl Sydor and Petr Sykora will help the Penguins thrive this year. For all yinz Pittsburghers who have not jumped on the Penguins band wagon yet, you better do it now because the Penguins are Stanley Cup contenders this season, and let’s face it the Steelers aren’t Super Bowl contenders this year.


8 Responses to “2007-08: Steeler’s Decline, Penguins Thrive”

  1. Good work Jay!!! Excellent post with a poignant argument, but most importantly, you brought in the biggest amount of hits we have ever had.

  2. The pensblog thing was fuckin huge

  3. No Shit!!! Good Call

  4. Also we are now the 7th fastest growing blog on wordpress

  5. If traffic surfed here from Pittsburgh, then I’m amazed no one commented. Perhaps the opportunity to reply to posts on this blog should be placed at the end of the article. If one reads to the bottom of the article and feels like responding, the opportunity to write something isn’t available. If one scrolls back to the top of the post, the comment option is there, but it’s not obvious to people who normally don’t read blogs. Just saying.

    Even stranger is their failure to correct your Pittsburghese.
    Yinz != Yunz

  6. I’ll see what I can do. good observation.

  7. Yinz and Yunz are interchangeable in Pittsburghese. Thanks for the comment though.

  8. I’m from Youngstown, OH
    Perhaps the accent is a little different in my neck of the woods. Sorry to be making corrections where none were needed.

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