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Don’t Worry What Ever Your Name Is?


(Barry Bonds Being an Asshole after he his record breaking home run)
Often times in sports, the greatest moments involve the game’s biggest stars shining to their potential. In these moments, there sometimes has to be that other guy who is remembered, for  their entire lives, for less than good reasons. This is especially so in baseball, with the one on one matchups provided that happen at least 54 times a game. Even more than that, the long ball holds something truly special. Most knowledgeable sports fans know that Ralph Branca gave up the “shot heard ’round the world” to Bobby Thompson, Al Downing gave number 715 to Hank Aaron, and Mitch Williams hurled the pitch to Joe Carter in the 1993 world series. These are but a few, and one more name was added to that list on August 7th, 2007.

29 year old hurler Mike Bacsik, after giving up a double and single to Barry Bonds, in the fifth inning of the incredibly important game between two last place teams stretched and delivered the pitch that would become 756. In typical Bonds fashion, upon clubbing the ball into the mob that developed in right center field, watched the small orb get smaller and smaller until it left the yard. Fortunately, he only put his hands up in celebration and didn’t do a spin or anything else. That is probably because if he were to perform such a motion both of his ACL’s would tear, end his career for good at 755, because he did not make it around the bases.


(Barry Bonds after Breaking the record, thoroughly ignoring his godfather, and one of the greatest baseball players of all time, Willie Mays)
Then as the Steroid Slugger put down his landing gear as he rounded the bases to home and Elias Sports officialness, his son stood to greet the new home run king. As the son, proud of the work his father did to touch all the bases without needing an HGH pick-me-up, went to embrace the Giant of a Giant. Bonds, the elder, just stood looking at the sky, his hands straight up to the heavens, thanking whatever deity he follows, barely acknowledging his son. Similarly, as the game stopped to honor the achievement, Henry Aaron delivered his congratulations to the new standard bearer, in a more than classy and sincere couple of minutes. Then the biggest Giant of a Giant, Willie Mays, Bonds godfather, stood with the man of the hour. What did he get in return? Bonds treated him like a roadie transferring the microphone back and forth that he used to thank God. Unfortunately, he forgot to thank his agent Jeff Borris for getting him a 16 millions dollars this year, his former personal trainer Greg Anderson, along with his buddy Victor Conte for prolonging his career making him better than ever.


(Barry Bonds, similarly, thoroughly ignoring his son waiting at home plate) 

On the opposite side of the coin, Mike Bacsik, the unfortunate pitcher,  graciously tipped his cap to the Giants left fielder and during interviews since has been chipper and self deprecating. Also despite the stoppage of play and the magnifying glass on San Francisco, The Nationals staged a comeback to win the game. So, Mike Bacsik you did not even lose the game. Even though, it appeared as if when Bacsik left the ball up an over the plate, he wanted to seriously drop the “F” bomb, the pitcher held  it in and served as the only classy person involved in the on-field proceedings. Even though it would have led to an awesome bar conversation starter. “Hey, ya remember that dude who gave up the record to Bonds, and then put one in his ear.” The response would be, I imagine, “Yeah man, that was fucking awesome.” Even with that, I am glad that Major League Baseball can shine a light on something.


5 Responses to “Don’t Worry What Ever Your Name Is?”

  1. It warms the heart to see so much love for Barry.

    From now on, is it OK just to refer to Bonds as The Asterisk?

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  5. fuck this shit man – barrys the best athlete evaaa, he used a few steroids so what? Do you think that you could break hank aron’s record if you used steriods?

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