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Thoughts on Tim Donaghy and the NBA

Refereeing in the NBA has been a problem for a long time. The impression was though that this was at least somewhat league sponsored by David Stern and his merry men. Either through complicit impression or just failure to crackdown on bad calls. This is because the seats are filled due to fans who want to see high powered offenses take the floor every night. Also these fans want to see the Kobes and LeBrons put up fifty a game. All that money filling the owners and players pockets comes from these compatriots and therefor nothing gets done.

The Supposition would be then that when it was revealed that a league official is accused of either betting on NBA games, giving information on such games, or actively calling games to affect the outcome in the favor of bookies or deep pocketed sports bettors, compromises the game as a whole. How many other referees are as crooked as this one? Could it be that the guys in the blue shirts are fixing games and taking kickbacks from satisfied mafiosos?

My thought is that the officials are bad because they are supposed to be. This is not because of some gambling ring shaving points. Fans want to see 220 plus points per game so the league does nothing and hence condoning not calling walks against the Association’s top players. Evidence shows me Donaghy is just a bad seed in rotten batch. His behavior is classic of someone with a gambling debt that does what he can to keep his knees in condition they have grown accustomed to. It has been revealed that he is a gambler, being seen in Atlantic City playing tables. Most gambling occurs outside casinos and because it was the organized crime unit of the FBI that has nabbed the ref, I am prone to believe that Stern is right. I could be wrong, but most likely this is an isolated incident and the long tradition of bad officiating in the NBA will continue uncompromised by Tim Donaghy.


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