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Philadelphia: City of Losers

Philadelphia is the city that birthed a nation, but unfortunately has a history of losing from there on out. At the dawn of America, the city of brotherly love was the largest and most prosperous city in the country. Then little by little that status was taken away. New York took the capital in 1789 creating decades of resentment. Even until 1832 Philadelphia was the financial center of the new nation. However, when Andy Jackson vetoed the charter of the Bank of the United States, stationed in Philadelphia, the financial power followed to New York and Wall Street. So, by Jackson railing against the “rich Philadelphia bankers,” he initially cemented the loserdom of the home to the liberty bell.

On July 15th, 2007, once again another imprint in the image of losing was cast. The Philadelphia Phillies became the first team in the history of sports to lose 10,000 games. What better way for it to happen, than in the form of a blowout. Phillies starter, Adam Eaton managed to allow six runs in only four plus innings. The final score of 10-2 tells the tale for the sports futility of the town, one loss to magnify all the others.

The city has not seen a championship in any of the major sports since 1983 when the fo, fo, fo sixers won the title. That team was the best ever in the history of the NBA if you ask me, but I digress. Since that point Philadelphia Basketball made it to the finals once, getting their clock cleaned by the Lakers in 2001.

The same could be said about Hockey. Since their back to back cups in 1974-75, the Flyers have made five appearances in the finals, only to fall short everytime. Now the franchise is held down by team General  Manger and President Bobby Clarke still thinks the Broad Street Bullies would work in today’s game. Now due to rule changes and skill improvement, it is a scoring game, uncompatible to the style Clarke won those two cups with as a hard nosed player.

The Eagles, despite having a sweet theme song, have not won a championship since 1960. They beat the one of the best teams all time, the Chicago Cardinals, who did not alow a score all year. Oklahoma standout Tommy McDonald led the Eagles to victory 7-0, the only touchdown given up by that defense. Since then the Eagles made two Super Bowls and lost both. In 1981, the Eagles lost by the most points of any team in a Super Bowl to that point. Then after looking as if the Eagles had the momentum in 2004 versus the Patriots, in the first half. McNabb got sick and the Eagles choked. Prior to that, I should mention also that the birds made it to three consecutive conference championships, losing in all three.

Finally, the team that made history a few days ago. The Phillies came into the league as the Quakers in 1883 with a loss to the Reds. The tradition continued almost non-stop until the late 70’s when some talent came their way to go along with stud lefty Steve Carlton and the nastiest slider in Baseball history. In 1980, the Phils won the whole thing on the back of solid pitching by Carlton, and especially youngster Bob Walk. Pete Rose coming in 1979 seemed to be the final ingredient to the mix. Since 1980, the Phillies made two World Series and guess what, they lost. One of which, one the greatest moments in history of baseball, Joe Carter’s home run, occured. Notice that it is a game they are famous for losing.

Of all sports figures, real and imagined, Rocky Balboa symbolizes Philadelphia Sports. As in the first movie, the one that won an Oscar, the Italian Stalion was able to get close , going the distance with the champ, but falling short. the Chicago Cubs are often called the loveable losers, so I guess that makes Philadelphia the city of Loathable Losers, a reputation Philly fans are proud of.


17 Responses to “Philadelphia: City of Losers”

  1. One thing to note, you mention the Eagles went to 4 straight NFC championship games and lost all 4…when they ONLY lost the first 3 (St. Louis, Carolina and Tampa Bay) and won the 4th (Atlanta). Sheesh! Just throw a little more salt on our wounds why don’t ya!

  2. Top Philly sports moments:
    1) The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon
    2) 1968 Eagles fans boo and throw snowballs at Santa
    3) Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points

  3. Kev MUST you continue to pick stupid choices when you talk about the best team of all time? The Fo FI Fo Sixers? Good, yes, but the Jordan/Pippen Era Bulls would annihilate them, and I’d take the ’86 Celtics over them too, as well as a bunch of Lakers teams, including the Kobe-Shaq Lakers. That’s not even the best 76ers team of all time. The ’66-’67 team was considered the best team of all time until the early ’80s

  4. Every sports team in Philadelphia Sucks and always will and besides, the Eagles and Phillies fans are the most hated in all of sports to compound the fact that the Eagles Cheerleaders are the ugliest in the NFL and smelliest with those disgusting sneakers and annoying dance routines as well, the fight song while sweet is really annoying as well, Philly Sucks, then, now and always.

  5. I am a Philly fan but I HATE them all. I am 20 years old and I have never seen any of my teams win. I cant really fight with other teams fans because what do we have to be proud of. My girlfriend is a Red sox fan but she now claims to be both a phillies and sox fan which is impossible you can only be one or the other and to me she will always be a Red Sox fan and I almost broke up with her for this reason. All of her friends are Yankees fans and I cant fight with them we have 1 world series no super bowls. I really want to stop watching sports all together and just not give a shit but its in my blood. I dont know what to do my father says you have to struggle before you succeed but for how long and winning every 40 years doesnt exactly give us any right to brag we win again and still other teams can make fun of us. I need to stop watching all sports it ruins relationships and lives i cant root for another team but its painful to root for my own.

  6. It’s karma; Philly is woefully overpopulated by racist white trash fans who hurl insults at non-white members of their sports teams. “The Birmingham of the North” is not an oxynomer for this lame-assed city and the ignorant crackers who live there. You get whatever it coming to you. You are dumb ignorant slobs, as sports fans, who deserve to be taken to Guantanamo and waterboarded.

  7. Too much emphasis is placed on sports. A good sports team does not make a city great. Philadelphia has far greater problems than its rowdy, obnoxious sports fans. Sports is for yahoos anyway. The people who follow sports religiously tend to be really stupid. Ever notice that?

  8. There are also a lot of ignorant blacks who populate Philly as well as ignorant white trash. Philly is a poor city where people spit on the sidewalk, and where so many have ugly tattoos. People also litter, not to mention the way they murder the English language. The wealthy people in Philly have closed circuit cliques, so it can be hard to get anywhere professionally. It is a parochial city. It will never be a world class city because the city is too black, and that is a fact.

  9. Philadelphia will never be a world class city because it is too black. The blacks are poor and low class. Ditto for the whites–too many trashy neighborhood types. While Center City may be nice, Center City is too small to make up for the REAL vast city that is really Philadelphia.

  10. Josh, YOU are trash!!! The city is just the way yo’ mama likes it – that way she can have her men the way she has her coffee in the mornin’. LOL.

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