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Do the Right Thing, Roger.

With the recent suspensions of Tank Johnson, Chris Henry and Pacman Jones, new NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has flexed his proverbial muscles. Now, star quarterback (and I use the term quarterback loosely) has been indicted by a federal jury, a more serious legal issue than anything that has happened to the aforementioned trio. Let’s get something straight- Michael Vick will not be suspended by Goodell. It’s not happening, at least not this season. Tank Johnson gets suspended for being under the legal limit while driving, but Michael Vick faces a mountain of evidence in a dog fighting case and could potentially face six years in prison. (more than any of the Big Three, as I’ll be calling them) But Michael Vick is different.

For one, he’s the face of a franchise. He has one of the best selling jerseys since he entered the league. He’s a household name and the favorite son of Atlanta, although his popularity is certainly on the decline, in part because of his off the field issues, in larger part because of his poor performance on the field. These are the reasons Vick will not be suspended. These are NOT the reasons you will hear from the NFL.

Hey at least one of them might be a champion in something.

You will be told that even though Vick is the only one of the bunch to be indicted, the fact that he is not a repeat offender means he should be given a second chance. Of course, they’ll neglect the fact that he had a civil suit filed against him for giving a woman herpes and not telling her about it, a case which settled out of court. Real upstanding behavior. Roger will dismiss the fact that Vick was held up at an airport with a water bottle featuring a hidden compartment which smelled of marijuana, despite the fact that there is literally NO explanation for having a secret compartment in a water bottle, much less one that smells like weed, other than that you’re hiding the sticky icky. They’ll forget that Vick recently flipped off the entire sideline, setting an awesome example for all the little kids in attendance.


Some of Vick’s “Off The Field” issues. Hey the sideline counts, right?

As Spike Lee would say, Do the Right Thing. You gotta call it both ways. Vick is just as morally deprived as Johnson, Henry and Jones. Punish him accordingly. Let the league know that EVERYBODY is held accountable and that EVERYBODY will be treated the same. Do the right thing, and tell Vick that if he’s suiting up this season, it’ll be for the Mean Machine.


3 Responses to “Do the Right Thing, Roger.”

  1. He won’t get suspended b/c he’ll drop the race card, despite all other players being suspended are also black. Or b/c he’s the face of the franchise…

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