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Pirates vs Rockies: Entertainment?

First off let me introduce myself as a hockey fanatic from college to the NHL; however, I am from Pittsburgh. This means about five pirates games per year will grab my attention and I will watch the entire game. Tonight’s match-up against the Colorado Rockies was one of those five.

I first turned on the game right after the top of the third inning. Rockies up 9 to 1. Typical night at PNC Park. Change the channel. Come back in between the top of the 6th and the bottom of the inning. Jack Wilson is arguing with some fat Pirates manager, Jim Colburn the pitching coach. Superman Freddy Sanchez and some no-name relief pitcher are playing policeman. Jack was charged with an error forcing a unearned run by a Pirates pitcher.

Bottom of the 6th. Pirates losing, no surprise. Then, Rockies outfielder snag a foul ball in left field. Nate Superman McLouth tags on the play splitting the catcher’s legs wider than the Colorado River. Then, Adam “Mr. Elastic” Laroche avoids a ball thrown at his kidney to take a 3-2 and in turn walk. Next, Ryan “Doughnut” Doumit fouls the first pitch he sees into the home plate umpire’s overweight chest. Inning ends with a Pirate choking: Jason Bay.

Top 7th. Jack Wilson makes Pirates pitching coach look like the fat idiot that he is: Jack makes a great diving stop and through over to first base to end the Rockies at bat.

I watch the rest of the game and nothing happens. Just usual baseball, and once again the Pirates lose a game by two runs or less.

Box Score

Rockies: Runs 10

Pirates: Runs 8

Interesting matchup tomorrow night at PNC Park: Former Pirate Josh Fogg, terrible, against “Sugar Shane” Youman, newest phenomena on Pirates’ pitching staff.

Brief Hockey News:

Ray Shero proves that he is a god among men in the front offices of the NHL. He resigns Michel Therrien thru the 2008-09 season. ESPN: Way to prove your ignorance towards hockey with the ESPY’s. Honoring Wayne “My Wife Needs Illegal Gambling Because I Can’t Satisfy Her” Gretzky and forgetting about the future of the NHL: Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin and the Penguins.

Shout Out of the Night Goes TO:

Nate Superman McLouth

Nate “Superman” McLouth


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  1. Great post Jay, glad to have you aboard. Make sure to make an about page.

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