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$Rod and The End of the Yankees

Lou Gherig is known as the “Pride of the Yankees”. He earned this nickname while valiently playing for the Bronx bombers and battling A.L.S., a disease that now bears his name. The Iron Horse was the personification of the selfless ballplayer, but now the pride of the organization is money and the greedy calves that cash their checks.

Never being a big fan of the Yankees, there still was a kind of respect, because they won the right way. Even in 1996, I rooted for the Yankees against the Braves, another team I hate. When the pinstripers won four out of five championships, it was homegrown talent and cheap retreads to fill holes. Names like Jeter, Williams, Posada and Pettitte dominated the roster with guys like Paul O’Neill, Tino Martinez, and Scott Brosious. Now, the Yankees sign players past their prime like Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown and Johnny Damon. Also, on overrated young guns like Carl Pavano.

Prior to this season, the Yankees and World Series MVP Closer Mariano Riverra did not reach a deal on a contract extension, so the Yankees cut off talks until after the season. This is standard operating procedure for the front office, and they were hanging tough even with a star player. Similarly, The Yankees said no, about allowing players to not travel with the team when they are not scheduled to pitch.

Steinbrenner and the Gang, being ten plus games out of first place decide to throw all decorum out the window. Then on May 6th, during the seventh inning Clemens takes the microphone and announces he will  be back. The Great Yankee Machine caved to the rocket. Sure Roger, anything you want. This is not all however, arguably the best player in baseball, after the season, has the option to cancel the rest of his record contract and become a free agent. Once again, the machine caved.

What they would not give to a player who actually won with the Yankees, they would allow an expensive scalawag. Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman would negotiate with ARod and his egomaniacal agent Scott Boras.  The only problem is that the dream team will not negotiate with Cashman and the pinstripers. Apparently, the front office has never met Boras or $Rod. Boras held to his priciples, in getting his client the most money possible. How he does this, is by waiting until the last minute to get the best deal. Also, ChaChing-Rod has a history of following the money. Instead of staying with the Mariners, he followed the green cash brick road deep in the heart of Texas and baseball futility.

In this the Yankees have completly given up on what has brought them where they are. A major sports record, 26 championships, is being sullied by Steinbrenner and the greedy green pigs that play for him. In every instance in history, when an organization gives up on its principles, the fall is not short behind. The sad thing is, that super agent Scott Boras held to his principles longer than the greatest sports franchise in history.


5 Responses to “$Rod and The End of the Yankees”

  1. A couple notes- first the Yankees have 26 WS Titles. Don’t give those fuckers any more credit than they deserve.

    Second, something that scares the living shit out of me. Next season with Mike Lowell, Curt Schilling and Matt Clement all coming off the Sox payroll, the Red Sox will have lots of cash and a hole at 3rd base. They could definitely sign Mr. April. In fact I don’t see anyone besides the Sox, Angels or Yankees signing him. I’d rather see them move Youk back to 3B (his natural position) and sign a 1B for a value (maybe Texiera?) and then spend on a SP or a stud reliever, or re-sign Lowell who has been freakin phenomenal this year for the Sox.

  2. I apoligize about the championship thing, but if you are not careful, you guys are going to fall off the cliff too.

  3. Hey, when are you going to write something.

  4. I’m not sure. You’re forgetting that I’m out of season… only MLB going on right now and I’m more of a football basketball guy. I might try and crank out some pre-season predictions.

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