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MLB: Which is The Better League?

What capped the All Star Game off was when Tim McCarver opened his mouth. This is nothing new for the former World Series catcher turned wind bag. McCarver claimed that the American League was head and shoulders above the National League right now. He used three criteria to come to this conclusion, which is suprising, because logic is not something the annoucer uses on regular occasions. They included the All Star Games, Interleague play and World Series championships.

It is a fact that the American League is 9-0-1 in the last ten all star games, all wins except for the rediculous tie in the 2002 game.  What does this imply. Does it imply that American League has Superior players? That argument is plausible. However, just because one league has better stars does not mean it is better than another. It is the talent in the middle that makes or breaks a team. Just look at last years champion cardinals. It was not Pujols or Rolen that won the games for them. Players like David Eckstein and Jeff Suppan  made the difference in those games. As Well, generally, winning all star games is more representative of hitters. Pitchers cannot really afford to blow out their arms in an exhibition game, so the hitters benefit.

The second criterion, or interleague play, has the most merit, but even this logic has flaws. The reason why the AL dominates the NL in interleague play is all because of the Designated Hitter. American League rosters are designed to include a designated hitter and National League teams are not. It is just simply not worth the money to sign a pinch hitter. That transition is much more difficult compared to American League teams playing without one.  AL teams that cannot use a DH makes this part of the game a wash, because both pitchers have to hit. So, if the American League wins a majority of games with a DH and half of those in NL ballparks, that is a dominating record.

The most rediculous argument invloves who wins the World Series. Given the fact that this is the one of the few times that, for sure, an AL and NL team will face off. So many different circumstances apply when determining an outcome of a seven game series. Depending on the matchup of the teams, it is nearly impossible to use this as an indicator of the better league. Also, pitching wins championships, so whoever’s staff is better at that time usually wins the series.  Even if this argument had merit, it would not make sense because ever since the Yankees run during the late ’90s and 2000, the series is split 3-3 between the leagues. The champions include, the Diamondbacks (NL), Angels (AL), Marlins (NL), Red Sox (AL), White Sox (AL), and Cardinals (NL). This proves nothing either way.

There is no argument either way in this case. The leagues are different. The National League has better pitching, and the American League has better hitting as well as the dumb designated hitter rule. I am a National League guy, and will always give the edge to the Senior Circuit because it is a truer form of baseball, but saying which league is better, is as if comparing the NFL to the Arena League (AFL).


3 Responses to “MLB: Which is The Better League?”

  1. Your inter-league logic is flawed. Not all AL teams are designed to house a DH, in fact here’s the list of teams that are- Red Sox, Indians, White Sox. All the other teams either just plug in an average hitter(see Angels-Kotchman) or rest one of their good hitters and plug in a good fielder (see Yankees- Giambi/Mientkiewicz) Your average 9 hitter is no worse than the average #1 PH on a team in the NL.

    The AL wins IL games because they have better teams with better players. It helps that last year the 4 highest payrolls were all AL clubs and that 7 of the 11 bottom teams in payroll. Anyways, I’m just saying that it makes more sense that the reason one league has dominated the All-Star game and Inter-League play is because it has better players.

    I agree with you that the NL is a truer form of baseball and that Tim McCarver is a stupid obnoxious blowhard, however.

  2. I would much rather have fucking Jason Giambi or Jeremy for that matter than Ryan Doumit or Jose Castillo. Just because the teams you mentioned have awesome DH’s does not mean that all AL teams pay somebody to just hit when NL teams cannot afford to pay someone a million large to start maybe 15 games a year.

  3. This is a great article about interleague play. It gives both sides. The AL did dominate last year, but the hitters are so much better in the AL.

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