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Most Under-Valued Player: An Ode to Ordonez

Ask the average fan who is the American League MVP at the midpoint of the year. Assuming they are not a Red Sox fan, or somebody anti-prostitution, most likely they would say Alex Rodriguez. In this assumption, they are wrong. There is always the argument about uncompetitive teams and their stars. However, that thinking is flawed, because value does not necessarily translate to winning. In fact, the title is silly due to the lack of clarity in the word valuable. Most Outstanding is more proper, but either way the only candidate is Tigers outfielder Magglio Ordonez.

Major League Baseball does not give out awards for players that just consistantly produce, but what about a player who in a ten year career averaged 30 home runs, 115 runs batted in and a .310 average? They ought to have some kind of lifetime acheivement award like the Oscars. It doesn’t matter this year, because through half of the AL season Ordonez is the undisputed MVP.

Ranking first in average with a .367 percentage, and on base percentage, he is the best in the bigs at putting the ball in play. Similarly, Maggs is fourth in both runs and RBI’s. These kind of stats make Ordonez a sabermetrics juggernaught. In fact, it is suprising he is not an Oakland A by now. Despite his amazing consistancy, the slugging outfielder was drafted in fantasy leagues at the 116th pick in ESPN leagues.

The Tigers knew what they were doing when they signed Ordonez in 2005. The five year 75 million dollar contract looks almost as if it was a bargain. As he produces and the talent around him get better, there is no stopping the defending AL champs or Magglio from adding some hardware to the mantle.


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