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Rain Continues to Delay Wimbledon But Not KJ

It is the Fourth of July, and believe it or not they do have such a day in Britain. Normally, one of the most prestigous and oldest Sports events in the world would be heading toward the semis and eventually crown the champions.  However, the weather is not cooperating in the dreary British Isles. Watching the tournament, it is expected that there is a sort of haze around the courts of play compared to the ungodly heat in Austrailia or the lights at Arthur Ashe, but this year there has been very little play. Number two player in the World Rafeal Nadal, was scheduled to play his third round match versus Robin Soderling on Saturday, but due to the customary off day on Sunday and then rain has been pushed back. Now in its fifth set, the match is the best so far and going on the fifth day of the match adds an interesting dynamic.

Waking up this morning (I guess actually Afternoon), I noticed that the sun was shining with few clouds in the sky in the good ole U.S. of A. Then upon looking at the television screen, I noticed the familiar green surface. Andy Roddick was dominating some French guy who beat Federer. This is suprising becuase I am used to seeing American men lose at Wimbledon.  They then moved coverage to Nadal’s match. I like Nadal because he is left-handed but I also like seeing top players lose. So I was rooting for Soderling.

Usually tennis matches are one sided, with top players like Nadal and this early in the tournament. This is not the case in this match. Even when matches are close, usually there are big momentum swings.  Again, it is pretty much shot for shot. I am intrigued when it starts raining and the chair umpire suspends the game. Right away this pisses me off, especially because I had to watch the damn Serena Williams match again (which I could give a shit about). The one good thing is when I wake up the match will be on. Maybe, Nadal will make sweet circus backhand returns, again, and fist pump with his good arm and it will cramp up.

GO SODERLING… whoever the hell you are.


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