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Al Wins “Arguement” with Yankee Fan

I figured my first post should give you a general idea of who I am, so here goes.

Last summer, during the heat of a tight AL East race that the Sox would eventually lose, I was in Disney World with my friend Mr.Ed when this dude in a Yankees hat approached me in the hotel cafeteria. I was in full Sox regalia- hat as well as this shirt- Choke

The conversation went something like this-

Yankee Fan- “Do you like the Boston Red Sox?”

Al- “Fuck Yeah little man! Are you a Yankees fan?”

Yankee Fan- “Uh huh”

Al- “I’m sorry?”

Yankee Fan- “Yes I like the Yankees.”

Al- “No, I heard you, I was saying I’m sorry. You fuckers havn’t won a World Series this century. Seriously it’s been since 2000.”

Yankee Fan- “Oh well I was only two when that happened.”

That’s right. I had that conversation with an eight year old child. He walked away dejected. I felt awesome. I went and told Mr.Ed, a faux-Yankee Fan, who promptly told me what he tells me twice daily- “You know you’re going to hell, right?”

Welcome to my life.


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